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Why is it important to maintain a positive attitude?

The law of attraction is such a complex and sometimes unbelievable concept that some people neglect its existence. By doing that they close the doors to their success. So basically the law of attraction is a force that manifests or attracts what your inner desires wish for. The tricky part is that it all has to be communicated through the subconscious which many people tend to fail at influencing. Know that we know what the law of attraction is, we can move onto why it is important to keep a positive attitude. Part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System(RAS) is in charge of proving right our perception of reality. It does this by focusing your brain on what you believe matters. You can relate to this by remembering the last time you bought a car, shirt, or something else. Did you start to notice the increase of that product being used by many others? The answer should most likely be yes because the brain like I said before will try to focus on what you think is important and if you recently bought a car, I am pretty sure that qualifies as important to you. Pretty much RAS is a search engine in the brain and your worldview, reality, what you think is right or wrong is what you are asking your brain to prove right or search for. That's why when you like someone you find many great qualities and when you dislike someone you find many flaws. Now if you think of positive things, most likely you will have positive things in return and if you have negative thoughts you will most likely have negative outcomes. If you have been following, then you probably know that you are the only responsible one for your miseries, failures, wins, and success. At first it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude but the more you practice the better you will get at it.

Anyway guys, I encourage you guys to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book changed my mind and with it my life. Keep it positive and you guys can do many great things!

Until next time!

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