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A way to prioritize life

Throughout life I have had different priorities and priorities change as things change in your life but for the most part they are the same priorities organized in different ways. For me God is my number one priority and through God everything else has its place. My wife is second to God. After my wife, my kids, family, passion, work, and friends are constantly being kept in balance. Before I had my priorities organized this way I had my job and my passion as my priorities but without God my life did not have a strong foundation. By reading and learning I was able to find God and by finding God I was able to find this way of prioritizing. This is not the only way of prioritizing but this way of prioritizing has brought incredible growth, happiness, and fulfillment to my life.

God is the creator of all things and through him all things were made. If you make God your number one priority your life will never be the same. God has the power to do anything and everything and if you have God on your side there is no one that can go against you and win. Now having God on your side does not mean that he will do everything for you but that he will be there by your side. He will be your guide and he will love you no matter what. God gives every single one of us a purpose and passion worth dying for. If you depend on God he will reveal that passion to you and once you know it you will not be the same person.

Making God your number one priority gives you a lens that sees through many things. He gives your wisdom and knowledge in abundance. For example when things go wrong and you are having a rough time having God as your priority gives you hope and faith that he will not abandon you. He gives you strength and courage to keep moving forward. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations and let me tell you that having God on your side makes things infinitely much easier to bear.

You may argue that some people have done great things without God and for that I have an analogy to share. A stapler can be used to staple or it can be used for anything else. You can have a stapler be used to hit someone or something. You can use a stapler to decorate or as a toy. The true use of a stapler is to staple and although you can use it for something else by using the stapler for its intended use you bring out its true purpose and potential. So is letting God be your priority as he will guide you and use you to fulfill your purpose and bring out your true potential.

After God my wife is my priority. My wife is my life partner and having a great relationship with her can bring out the best of us. Without a great relationship with your wife you are only using a small fraction of your potential. Now having and working on having a great relationship can be its own paper as creating a great relationship does not happen on its own. One thing's for sure is that having God at the center of my life and making him my number one priority has made my marriage and my relationship with my wife possible.

Although my kid is 3rd on the list she is still a priority and my wife and I have her as a priority so that makes her our number 2 priority after God. Ultimately our kids our God kids and if we made God our priority we end up with the responsibility to raise our kids well. God is what connects everything together as God is everywhere and in everything. I love my kid and I will do whatever it takes to raise her well, but eventually she will grow up and create the life she wants. I will do my best to provide her with the tools she needs to be successful and happy.

My last priorities always revolve around my family, friends, and passion. If I am not spending time growing my relationship with God, my wife, or my kid; I am growing my relationship with my friends, family, or working on my passion. Having my priorities like this keeps me busy and constantly growing. It gives me purpose and fulfillment. My life is complete as I am constantly looking forward to the future and enjoying the present. God makes things possible for me and ever since making him the center of my life he has given meaning to it. Even in the midst of pain and suffering God gives me purpose, faith, hope, and much more.

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