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A Little Bit About Me

What is success?

What is happiness?

What is life all about?

What is the purpose of life?

These are some complicated questions and the more I look for the answer the more questions I find. To me life is very complicated yet at the same time very simple. It all depends on what you make of it and the type of person you are. I love searching for a deeper meaning and because of that I will always have the opportunity to keep searching. Life has an endless amount of layers and depending on your preferences you may be comfortable after peeling a certain amount of layers. I cannot say when you will stop because only you can answer that question. In my case I have not found a layer that has satisfied my curiosity so I will keep searching and maybe one day I will be comfortable stopping.

Even since I was a child I’ve been curious as to what life is and I often found myself lost in thought. I have seen my life philosophies change and as they change so does my perception of life. I started with a weak philosophy about the world. I used to blame everything and everyone. I used to question life as a whole. It seemed like the world was against me. Life was not great at all. I had a victim mentality and that did not help at all. I was not prepared to interact with the world.

Having a victim mentality led to me becoming one. I was constantly bullied at school and had no friends of my own. It seemed like anyone would betray me if I did not do what they wanted. That led me to think that being alone was better than being with the wrong people. Due to that new philosophy I distanced myself from those people and started anew. I was able to meet new people who believe in me and challenged me to grow. It changed my life forever and that helped me become the person I am now.

I was a smart kid. I was just confused and did not know how to channel my energy. Elementary school was not a good place for me and I made it my goal to change that in high school. I started fresh with no friends. I decided to focus on me and my education. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. I wanted to be the best person I could be. After receiving my first semester grades I was shocked to see them all being A’s. I started to believe in myself and the things I could do. I decided to make my first goal. I wanted to graduate high school with all A’s and go to college.

As the years passed by, I learned more things. I learned that I really liked technology and that I was good at it so I focused on learning programming. I often took it upon myself to learn more. As graduation was approaching I noticed I had changed a lot. I was not as shy as I used to be and I was learning how to interact with others. I had also learned that I was very capable of creating a good life. I tried many things in high school from cross country to track, from soccer to computer club, and spanish club. I was able to graduate with amazing grades. I was not near where I wanted to be but high school was definitely a win for me.

Once I graduated high school I was hit by life pretty hard. I had many family problems and because of my imigration status I was having a hard time funding my college education. One of the philosophies I had found was that everything was possible if I worked hard enough. I also started to depend more on God and so many wonderful things happened. I was able to go to college, but it required many hours of work. I often worked 60 hours a week on top of being a full time student. It challenged me to grow in many ways. I often slept 2-4 hours a day to make things happen. It was tough, but it was me doing things, and it was me giving it my all.

Thanks to God after three and a half years of this I was able to graduate with a bachelors in business management. I had accomplished my goal to go to school and pay for it. Not only that but while going to school I was able to purchase my first property. I was very proud of my improvement. I was sure I was ready for what life had for me. I was eager to start. I felt like I could take on the world. I felt unstoppable.

While I was in college I worked my way up from assistant manager to manager at a couple bakeries and that gave experience working with people. I liked leadership so I wanted to keep working on my leadership skills. When I graduated high school I decided to also start at a new job. I quickly became GM of one of the busiest restaurants in the franchise and with that I learned many life lessons.

While working at the restaurant I had to learn how to talk to people, how to lead people, and how to hold them accountable. I struggled with this a lot and with the standards the restaurant had I quickly ended up working close to, if not over 100 hour a week. My working philosophy was getting tested and soon I had to find a new philosophy because I wasn't sure If I could maintain that working lifestyle. I worked for that restaurant for about 3 years. I failed a lot and learned a lot. I decided that I needed change and that I needed to find a different philosophy to life.

Fast forwarding to the current present life has taught me so much yet I know so little. I am excited about life and I am also happy with what I have now. I will keep improving. I will keep searching for more wisdom and knowledge. I will keep creating the life I want. Life is full of contradictions yet they all work well together if you learn when to apply them.

I have become a student of life. I am constantly reading, doing, and networking with others to keep improving. I have found many tools and philosophies that have helped me improve my own life. I have found my passion and I am utilizing that passion to make a difference in this world. I will share my knowledge, my wisdom, my experience with others because I want to make a better world. I keep peeling away at life and I am finding more and more gold.

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