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Time to make a choice

It is easy to blame circumstances for the life you have. It is very tempting to become the victim of your story. Every one has a choice to make and if you don’t make it by default you are choosing to become the victim. I dislike criticizing the people who choose to become victims, but instead I do my best to help them take charge of their lives. It depends on how attached they are to that lifestyle but the more attached they are the harder it is to change and the more painful the process becomes. Changing your attitudes and habits is one of the hardest things out there to do. It requires purpose, discipline, ambition, and a lot of will power. It does not happen overnight and at first it requires a lot of soul searching. It requires one to think of what life is all about and what you want life to be. Life will give you anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price. The problems come when the prices are too much or you are not willing to pay them. At that point you just do some more soul searching and decide what you want to do. It takes a lot of decision making but ultimately all those decisions will make up your life. Just like how you must decide whether to become a victim or not, you must also have the same intentions and ownership of the decisions you will have to make. Life is not easy but it can be very joyful if one puts the work in to make it so.

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