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The start of your life

I am an introvert that loves to meet new people. Many of the people I meet have so much potential and so many gifts that they could use, yet they have no vision or goals. I can’t blame them, especially the newer generation. I remember when I first turned 18 I felt lost and with nobody to reach out too. For the most part that’s normal in today’s age. The mentor/disciple tradition that people used to have is going away with time. Nevertheless I would highly recommend this method for growth. Your younger years are going to be tough because they will require you to learn about yourself. What you like, what you dislike, what you want, and what you don’t want. It is a lot of asking and searching. During these years I would recommend that you find someone that you look up to that has done what you want to do or what you like doing. Ask them all the questions you have. A lot of the questions could be about insecurities or fears that you may have. It is normal because not knowing scares many of us. The more you talk to people and ask them these questions the more knowledge you will have to make your own decision regarding the path you will take. Don’t get stuck in the researching part - brainstorm, then act. I know that it can be tempting, especially with all the things one can do out there. The reality is that you can’t do everything. You have the ability to do everything you want but eventually you have to decide what matters to you the most. Set goals (SMART goals) and read all the books you can regarding what you have chosen to pursue. You will fail a lot…believe me, a lot. You will feel discouraged and defeated. That’s part of being successful. No one out there has become successful without meeting with temporary defeat. No one. The one that has not failed has not accomplished anything. I send you my prayers so that you have a good life full of happiness and achievements! Learn to never give up!

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