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The Law of Attraction With PMA and RAS

It is said that there is a law of attraction that allows people to speak things into existence. It is amazing what people have achieved with such law, but it is also sad what tragedies people can bring upon themselves. I been reading many books that have helped me understand this law a little bit more. From reading the Bible, Napoleon Hill books, etc. I have discovered that having a positive mental attitude(PMA) can help you achieve a more fulfilling life. Life gives you what you ask for and there is a part in your brained called Reticular Activating System that is constantly receiving input from your thoughts and try’s to make it happen with the use of the law of attraction. So if you have a PMA your RAS will interact with this law in a positive way and get you what you have been asking for. But if you have a negative attitude, it can be detrimental if not life threatening. It is very easy to become negative but what I have found is that if you make God your partner in life. He can help you when things are tough. I have personally heard and experience many amazing things that can be trace back to these yet to be fully understood concepts. I dare you to learn and apply them to your daily life!

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