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The Dishwasher Story

So my dishwasher broke around 6 months ago. ...Why? A glass broke while it was getting washed and a piece of glass got lost.... I was hesitant to have it repair because I assumed that it would cost around $200-$300 to get it fixed and I was hesitant to fix it myself because I had never fixed one before. I was in a pickle. I was facing indecision. Ohh great!! So for about 5 months my wife and I kept talking about fixing it or having it fixed but we never really came up with a plan. We got into the loop of talking about the problem but not doing something about it. We were washing dishes by hand which was not bad since it was only the 2 of us and many have survived without a dishwasher. Anyways it was frustrating my wife and I that we had a dishwasher that we weren’t using. So I shared my problem with a few friends. Both of them helped me get ideas of what it might have been, but I kept procrastinating because I didn’t want to deal with the problem. It got to the point where my mother in law even offered to pay to fix it. That, people, made me take action. I made a goal to either repair it myself or have it repaired by the end of the month and my wife definitely held me to that and I really thank her for that. I was approaching my deadline and I had done nothing to fix it... Great... Fear was taking over. So what now? I had to take control of my thoughts.... If God is with me, who or what can be against me? Nothing was my answer.... And at that point I decided to take it apart and try it myself. The dishwasher was already broken so breaking it more.... Well...didn’t seem too bad at that point. I watched a video on how to take the motor apart, found a small piece of glass inside it, took it out, and the dishwasher was working again. In total 1 hour worth of work. But was it?

Lessons learned?

  • Fear can make things appear bigger than they are. It took me six months to fix a 1 hour problem.

  • Indecision extends the problem. Once I made a decision and a deadline things began to move.

  • Making goals will get you closer to getting things done. I recommend setting SMART goals.

  • Don’t assume. Assuming I couldn’t fix it or that it would be expensive to fix it didn’t help at all.

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