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Suffering - A Blessing in Disguise

I ask many questions when it comes to this topic. Humans have suffered since the beginning of time. I wonder if anyone has discover the meaning of suffering and why it is allowed. I have read a lot on this and have found that many believe it is due to our fall and the original sin. You can read more about it if you like and I would encourage you to. The search for my questions has lead me to many amazing experiences that have come from suffering and struggles. Now that I think about suffering I see an opportunity for growth - a blessing in disguise. I only saw them like this after digging deep into what one gets out of suffering and deeply meditating and praying for answers. Suffering is part of our lives and our biggest teacher. It tells us that something is going on and asks us to find a solution. It guides us to our true passion. Yes it sucks to suffer in the moment but as soon as you look back at it you begin to see all that it taught you. Suffering is something you can enjoy if you know that it is changing you for the better. Change your perspective on suffering and you can change your entire life. Instead of complaining about what is happening to you I challenge you to ask yourself what you can learn from that situation.

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