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My Next Move

Its been 3 weeks since I got married and that concluded the wave of goals I had set up for myself. Since then I been wondering what else is there for me to do. To keep growing and to keep moving towards my dream life. I know I want a family, a business, and I want to be able to help other people. In order to do that I have to create new goals for my self. The cool part is that I can count with my wife’s support which will make the dark times easier to handle. That said for my next goals I am planning on paying off my car, my wife's student debt, start a business, and pay our house off. Our debt totals about 35K plus our 230k house. There are a couple of ways I can go about accomplishing this. I know this aren’t short goals. I am expecting to work hard, fail a lot, learn a lot for a long period of time. The plan is to get this done in about 10 years. My struggle right now is that for the longest time I have depended on putting lots of hours to get my money. I want to change my paradigm and learn how to make money work for me. I know I can work hard and for a long time but I have to start utilizing my self more efficiently. Instead of working for someone else I need to start working on a side project that eventually will be my full time business. I know it will take time and I am willing to figure things out as I go and find solutions to my problems. I have 3 business ideas that I want to Implement right away. I am assuming that I will be learning a lot about starting a business and with each try it will get better. For now I will start with this tree and see where that takes me. I believe that sooner or later I will figure things out.

Anyway guys this is where I stand right now. I will keep you guys posted on other thoughts as I continue this journey.

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