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Making Life Pay.

In life you can achieve anything you want but not everything you want. The problem comes when you don’t know what you want. The habit of asking what and how questions can help you dive deep into what you really want. A person often asks themselves these questions when you are desperate for change or inspired to change.

You can have only 1 major purpose, with smaller minor purposes under that major purpose umbrella. The more you know what your wants are, the better prepared you can be to go after each goal. Know yourself and never stop analyzing and asking yourself what you want out of life. Once you do that you are ready to start making a plan for how to achieve what you want. The rest is history. It will only be a matter of time before you can achieve them, but the first step is to set a good plan to get them achieved. If one plan does not work you must replace it with another one until you find the plan the works best for you.

Everyone is different so your plan will be slightly different than others due to you having different strengths and weaknesses. I highly suggest for you to constantly read and try on new things to discover more of these strengths and weaknesses as well as ways to overcome them. Don’t get discouraged when you are faced with defeat and remember to keep asking how and what questions. Getting what you want out of life won’t necessarily be easy but it’s pretty simple. You set a goal, you apply action, you get results, you analyze what went wrong and right, and you keep repeating. If you can do this you will get what you want out of life.

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