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Make God Your Partner

Hello guys.

Life is full of challenges and often times that make life difficult. During those difficult times it is very easy to get discouraged. I recommend that you pray and rely on the Lord when things get hard. We are human and can only do so much but God infinite and all powerful. For God everything is possible.

It is written in the Bible that anyone that has faith the size of a mustard seed can and is able to tell a mountain to move and the mountain will move. It is said that God gave us dominion over all the things of this world. Knowing that, and with that being said, we must not get discouraged. We must simply ask God to guide us and to give us wisdom, courage, and intelligence to overcome any obstacle we come across.

When things get hard it is very easy to get our vision clouded and that’s why we must depend on the Lord to clear our eyes, heart, and mind. With God everything is possible. The world is at your feet and the only thing you must do is ask for it. It is said that you must ask to receive. That if you keep knocking you will find open doors.

God works is wonderful ways. We have to learn to trust God. God loves us and wants the best for us. He has great plans for us and for that we must follow his ways. If you have faith in God you won’t be disappointed. Things may not be easy at times but I know that with God you will have true happiness. Don’t get discouraged, keep pushing forward, and you will come out on top.

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