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Lost On The Growth Journey? These 3 Habits Can Be Your Map!


It is important to make learning a habit and like any habit you have to keep working at it. Eventually you will do it subconsciously but until then it will have to be a daily task until the habit is formed. There is more than one way to learn. I personally like reading and writing. It helps me understand the philosophy of others and to understand my own philosophy. A philosopher once said, “know thyself”. When you read the work of others, meditate on it, then write about your understanding, you will be able to see the concepts in use in your life. It can help you prepare for the future and help you handle challenges more efficiently. Reading won’t solve every problem you have, but it will give you more options and different perspectives. What I have learned is that reading makes me want to try out what I have just read and in turn it then gives me more knowledge and understanding because I turn theory knowledge into experience.


I first started reading before I began writing continuously. I did write from time to time but it wasn’t until I was reading everyday that I began to see the change I was going through while writing. As I kept writing my thoughts became more organized, and what I thought were random thoughts started to make sense. They started to complement each other. It gave me a different understanding of the world. Now I write as often as I can and the more I write, the more I find I improve - I gain

communication skills, I have more empathy, and my perspective continues to change and grow. Writing is a great method to record your thoughts and learn about yourself. It should be a tool you use often to grow and develop yourself into the person you want to become.


I was the person who thought that reading was not meant for me. Maybe I was going to just learn as I went, or maybe I knew everything and that it was going to just work out. Well guys, I was wrong. I did learn a lot, but I could have learned so much more and so much faster if I had just read a little more. The thing about reading is that it gives you perspective from someone else and depending what books you read, it can be from people who have done what you are trying to do. When you read the mistakes others have made you can avoid them completely or make them but overcome them faster than you would have if you hadn’t read about it. It gives you more confidence that you are not the only one with problems and that other people have faced the same problems. It can give you hope and grow your faith like it did for me. Reading is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goal.

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