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Life Roles Exercise


Make a list of all the roles you believe your self to have from most important to least important. Once your are done grade your self from 1-5. If you feel comfortable getting feedback you can also share your list with your friends to see what they say. Just makes sure they will be honest with you so you can learn more from this exercise.

Benefits of this exercise:

  • Helps your prioritize your life

  • Helps you see if you need to work on something

  • Knowing the importance of your roles can help you make decisions.

Example list of roles:

  1. Husband

  2. Leader

  3. Son

  4. Brother

  5. Friend

  6. Entrepreneur

  7. Student of life

Questions to ask:

Did your friends agree with the order of your list?

Do you think you need to improve on any of them?

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