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Keep learning, Keep pushing, Keep going....

Hey guys!

I been doing lots of thinking, lots of reading, and researching. Last time I wrote a post I said I wanted to try a couple of things to get me to where I wanted to go. After reading the bible it made things more clear. I haven't really found the avenue that will take me closer to completing my goals, but I can feel myself getting closer to it. Sometimes the process feels like it is taking a long time, yet it has only been a few months since I wrote the last post. My faith is increasing and with that my ability to get things done. Faith has allowed me to think long term and has helped me see a bigger picture. I still want to make a business, most likely something regarding coaching and self development. I still want a family, and I still want to help people. God has giving me this life, this experiences for a reason and I plan to give it my all to fulfill my purpose in life. As Les Brown says, in order to do something I have never done I must become someone I have never been. That will require more reading, more experiences, more failures, but ultimately that will bring more opportunity to be what I want to be. Don't get me wrong I really appreciate where I am right now, It is peaceful, I am happy, and I am better then I been before, but this is not the end. I still have more to go. I am excited for whats to come. That been said, I will keep you guys posted on my progress, any breakthroughs, and challenges that may arise. All I know is that life will only become more interesting.


Until next time!

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