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How to take ownership of your life?

Many people go through life blaming everyone and everything for the things that happen to them without anything changing. Yet they want a better and happier life. They don't realize that the more they blame it on outside forces the more control they give those forces. You see, life has a funny way of showing you things and you can only learn from it by taking extreme ownership of what happens to you. The more you do that the more control you have of your life. If you went through life knowing everything was your fault you would be more cautious of the decisions you make. So I invite you to start living this way and you will be able to learn from every mistake that you make in life. You will benefit from it and grow wiser. You will stop making excuses of why things don't go your way and start making it happen because you know it's all on you. You would claim all the control of your life and your environment. One of my mentors used to say, “If you don't like the environment you created then only you have the power to change it”. If anyone other than you changes it then it will not belong to you and it will leave as soon as the other person goes away. In order to learn how to control your life and your environment you have to learn from your mistakes. The only way to learn from them is if you take ownership of them and analyze them in order to learn and not repeat them again.

Anyways, next time something happens to you, think about what you did wrong, take responsibility for your part and learn from it. I would highly suggest you read Extreme Ownership byJocko Willink and Leif Babin.

Until next time!

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