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How Does the Mind Work

I have some analogies on how our minds work. I can definitely see that we create things after our own image just like God created us in his own image. For example, humans created a computer to do some of the thinking for us. We install programs that make a computer more effective and useful. Without programs a computer would not be able to provide much help. Just like programs provide a way to make computers useful and more effective so do philosophies provide a way to make us humans more productive and useful. Some programs are more useful than others and people have different preferences. The same thing can be said about philosophies. Some philosophies are better than others and humans have different preferences. In life you must learn to choose which philosophies to adapt to your life in order to make yourself a more effective and useful human. This is where it becomes important to read and network with people. The objective for that, is to look for better philosophies that will enable you to transform into something better. The more useful philosophies you can obtain, the more prepared you will be to handle lives problems.

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