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Habits in Life

Looking at my life I can see that a few simple good, daily habits have helped me become a happier person and to be successful in my own way. The challenge lies in the way which we label habits to be good or bad. After doing that you must learn to master discipline in order to apply the habits or remove them from your life. There are primitive habits that I used that act like a compass that aid me to decide between good and bad habits. Reading, writing, meditating/praying, and networking are the core of my success philosophy. Some people have different ones or have a different name and ultimately you have to choose yours. I have learned a lot from my habits and would highly suggest you pay attention to yours. The amount of joy, happiness, and confidence you get from switching a bad habit to a good one is worth the work. Once you make the switch you will not want to go back to your old way. However, I am sure that if you are passionate about personal growth you will do whatever it takes to find the answers to your questions. I can only pray for you guys to find your true passion and true self.

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