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Goals Setting

I never knew the importance of goal setting until I actually started to do them. It made things so much easier and it helped me stay on track. The reason why goals are important is because they remind you every day of what you want to achieve in a precise way and if at some point in time you don't want to continue with your current goal, you are able to change it and learn from it. It keeps track of your life and organizes in a way that it helps with future goals. Now you if you are wanting to start making goals for yourself make sure you are setting SMART goals. They have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, Time Bound to ensure better expectations of what you want. You have to make sure you have professional and personal goals. You need your short term, midterm, and long term goals. Usually your short term goals will change every couple of months up to 1 year. Mid Term goals are usually 1-5 years for me, and my Long term goals are more than 5 years. Now the time range can change depending on your life purpose, project, and anything you want to take on. The idea is to start setting goals so that you can hold yourself accountable. Review your goals and ask yourself the hard questions. You will learn a lot more from reviewing your goals and like I said before it will help you better choose what you commit to in the future.

Anyway guys, It's worth trying goal setting and at the end of the day it can only do more good than harm.

Until next time!

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I don't like word of suffering

I do anything not to have that feeling in my life

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