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Don’t wait to solve your problems for too long.

It is easier to make excuses than to take responsibility for what happens to us. It often sounds like the following examples:

A) I am late to work late because I take care of my kids.

B) I can’t get enough work done because I don’t have the resources I need.

The reality is that everyone has problems, but not everyone will make their problems an excuse. You can either own your problem and find a solution or you can turn it into an excuse. If you are constantly late to work you can own your problem and find out what is causing you to be late. You can also decide to wake up earlier and eliminate that problem. If you own your problem you are more than likely to find a solution. If you make an excuse you will probably live in your problem for a while.

You will always have problems but solving them will give you a better life. Making excuses will attract more problems, and your problems will only pile up. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away - it will only make it worse. You can’t expect to leave your trash under your bed and not have it smell after some time. I know it sometimes feels uncomfortable and scary to take ownership but life is better when you do.

When you take ownership your life will change, especially if you do it the right way. Some of the benefits of taking ownership is an increase in happiness, confidence, knowledge, and wisdom. Money, true friendships, and growth can and often come along too! I can’t force you to take ownership but I can tell you that if you do you can experience a totally different world. It’s your choice.

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