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Don’t let stress get to you

Many times people get stressed out for the wrong reasons. Stress is not bad in it of itself ,but when you start adapting stress as part of your life, It can take over and lead you to poor health, anger issues, and feeling unfulfilled. So how can you reduce stress? What has work for me may not work for you depending on your life style, but It might be worth a try. I believe that more is not always good. Sometimes you have to remove friends, activities, and jobs that may be adding to your stress. I believe that one is the sum of your five closest friends, because of this I have a very small circle of friends I regularly interact with. They are low maintenance, always working to improve themselves, nice people, and will always have my back. That makes my life less stressful and more enjoyable whenever I am with them. I do my best to have a positive mental attitude and although it may sound silly, I do my best to laugh and smile a lot. I do my best to not take everything too seriously(I am a work in progress). One of the things I have recently been doing, it’s reading the Bible and watching closely the information I expose myself to. The more positive and creative the Information I consumed the more positive I become. The more I trust God and depend on him, the less stress I feel. I challenge you to try one or all of this suggestions and see what positive change in your life you can bring.

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