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Appreciate The Successes, and Enjoy The Failures!

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that the world has taught me instant gratification and when things don’t go my way I tend to become frustrated. I am not proud of that and little by little I will work on it. Honestly though, being frustrated and wanting things is not a bad thing. Wanting things is what makes us act and do things to get or achieve what we want. Now, if you expect things without putting in some work (meaning getting something from nothing), I believe life will not tolerate that.

Life is a long journey and I won’t always get what I want. The point of wanting something is to learn how to get it. Sometimes we must learn a discipline, a habit, or a skill. It may require us to learn to be patient. I believe that if you are persistent enough you can achieve almost anything in life.

There are times when I want something easy and it takes little effort to achieve. But there are times when I take on big goals and that takes all the patience, dedication, and persistence I have. When I take on more than I can chew is when I often times meet with temporary defeat. It may take me a couple tries before I accomplish it but like a said before, if you keep trying you can achieve practically everything. Thomas Edison had to failed 10,000 times before discovering the light bulb. Maybe you too have to go through a similar process.

Financial independence is one of the goals I am struggling with and sometimes that makes me frustrated. During those moments I have to remind myself about the importance of enjoying the journey. Financial independence is one of the most challenging goals out there, especially if you want to achieve it before age 35. It is not impossible, though it does require many things. I will fail a lot on my journey - I just have to remember to learn from every failure, and use that to get closer to my goal.

Learn to enjoy the journey - have fun! Life is very short so we must learn to appreciate every part of it, even the moments we fail.

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