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A Change for the Better

How do you go from a life full of drifting and inconsistency to a life full of discipline and purpose? That is a great question to ask yourself.

The amazing thing is that it is not impossible and can be done relatively quickly. The first thing one must do to accomplish that much change in one’s life is to make a list of goals. This can be a list of short term, mid term, and long term goals. You can start by writing a list of all the things you want in life. Once you have that list organize it into short term, mid term, and long term items. Once you have them categorized, you want to prioritize the top 3-5 items. After you have a good sense of your top 3-5 items in each category you can start working on them. You can go one step further and break them down into projects.

One of the tools that will help you accomplish your goals is a budget. I prefer a 5 year budget but you can choose whichever template will get you the results you want. Goals and budgets will help you get very close to the life you want.

There is also a friend that you want to bring on board to make things a lot easier and increase your effectiveness. That friend is called habit. Habit can be an extremely good friend or it can be your worst possible enemy - you decide. I would highly suggest you bring him on board. You can do this by making a daily task list that will help you achieve your goals. Then you can move onto weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly habit lists. The more positive habits, the easier it will be to accomplish your goals. You can create daily habits like reading, writing goals, meditating, exercising, and more. Be creative. The more of these habits you can master, the more fun you will have and the more freedom you will experience.

Getting the life you want is not hard but making your mind up might be. Once you decide what you want you will start seeing a big difference. Go for the life you want!

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