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The Beautiful Art of Learning

In this world you can learn pretty much anything, especially since we have something called the internet. There is no excuse for people not to learn something and to be good at it. You can learn and master any skill you want, you just have to choose which one you would like to learn. We now have the internet and that makes learning possible at a low price, or even free, if you are willing to search for the information.

I remember when I was 14 and I wanted to learn how to program games. I was so passionate about it that I was able to find websites and communities that helped me master programming with little schooling. The school I was attending offered programming courses and in college I took a few classes, but because I had taken the initiative to learn on the side I was way ahead of my classmates. I was more of a tutor than a student.

I have learned how to do video and sound editing. I have learned how to take computers apart or build them from the ground up - all with the help of the Internet.

Many schools offer free educational courses online for people who want to learn but cannot pay, or would prefer to learn at their own pace. That is wonderful yet not many take advantage of those resources. I believe that you can teach yourself anything, especially if you are passionate or at least interested in learning.

If you don’t learn, it’s because you don’t want to. It is your choice to learn but if you are not taking advantage of it then it is your loss. Many people complain that education is expensive and I have my own comment to add to that - it is only expensive if you make it so. You can take control of your learning. You don’t have to depend on schools to teach you what you want to learn. You can find the knowledge you need to learn a skill. You just have to search for it, and if you search you will find it.

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