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Spiritual Understanding

For the longest time I have battled with good and evil. Sometimes not on my own will but by the product of my environment. I was wounded in battle, yet I kept going and by the power of God I have been reborn. I have come to know the world in my own way yet I also know that it was only through God that I was able to grow to this extent. I am not strong by myself but with God I have come to know strength. I am not perfect but by God I have come to know perfection. I am not wise but by God I have come to know wisdom. God has loved me, guided me, and protected me without me asking. God has provided for me without me knowing. God has been there for me without me noticing. God has blessed me without me being deserving. For that I should pick up my cross and walk my walk. For that I should battle with evil and should come victorious. For that I will live my life to serve God. I am not the smartest, I am not the wisest, I am not the strongest, but with the power of God I will do whatever it takes to live life like he meant for us to live life. Thank you God for your mercy, love, and wisdom.

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