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How to define success

Success is relative to each person and the only person that can make you successful is yourself. You are the only one that can define success. This has been one of my biggest obstacles to overcome, one that I have to constantly remind myself. Success is a state of mind and not something you can hold onto. Success is the journey and not the final result. The result is the reward for you being successful at best. Some of the questions I ask myself to define my success are: Am I happy today? What do I want out of life? Am I pursuing my passion? Am I a good person? I ask myself those questions among others. The purpose of that is to find my state of mind and to hold myself to the standards that will bring me success. Each day I have to define my success and sometimes I will find my success has changed, but nonetheless I maintain my success. Sometimes success is growing spiritually, and other times it’s the pursuit of attaining earthly goods. Depending on your background and your walk of life success will be different. To some, being poor financially but happy is success and the opposite is for others. My challenge to every person is to meditate on their success and to ask themselves how they will define it.

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