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How life works

Just as the year has different seasons so does our life.

Sometimes it’s rainy and the clouds cover the sky yet sometimes it’s sunny and we can see the sun shine bright.

At different times of the year we must learn to sow seeds so that after a while we can harvest the planted seeds.

We must be careful to use our time well, otherwise we can lose an opportunity to grow.

There are times when things seem the same, like time has stopped.

Sometimes things can appear that way but don’t worry because as long as you are doing as much as you can you will be closer to your goals.

Those days are good to practice being grateful for what you have.

To reflect on your life before the next chapter starts.

Those days should be cherish because it means you want something else and you are eager to start doing things which will come if you let that drive lead you to action.

Learn to enjoy that waiting period but don’t get stuck there for that’s not where you belong.

Keep working on your dreams with one foot on the future and one on the present.

You will do wonders, and time will tell your story.

It’s not over until it’s over….

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