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Failure is a Powerful Tool

Failure is nothing but a teaching tool. It is a powerful tool and that is why so many people are afraid of it. Failure can be a great asset if you let it teach you. Thomas Edison had to fail 10,000 times in order to make the light bulb, but he never gave up. Failure probably taught him a deeper understanding of science and life. Without failure he would have gotten bored of succeeding. Without failure he wouldn’t have felt the level of accomplishment he felt when he finally figured it out. The higher the risk of failure, the higher the reward, and the sense of accomplishment. By no means is failure easy, but it makes success that much sweeter. When you are close to figuring things out you start tasting success. It produces a totally unique experience you wouldn’t get without challenging yourself to take a project on. Failure helps you understand yourself in relationship to God. It makes you humble and brings you peace and happiness if you can last through it.

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